Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Go Set A Watchman coming to a bookstore near you

How do you follow To Kill A Mockingbird? Was Harper Lee paralyzed with writer's cramp? Did she have other story lines she pitched with no success? Did she pick up her pen and rush write?

 Over fifty years have passed since she wrote  Go Set a Watchman which will be published later this year.  Two million copies. Not shabby.  Already  booksellers are rubbing their hands anticipating its success. Still others like the Cambridge professor Dr. Ian Patterson who characterized To Kill a Mockingbird as a "soggy sentimental liberal novel" most likely won't be ordering the novel for his Kindle. 

 Sure I am going to read about Scout as an adult and her relationship with Atticus but for me the real story is Harper Lee and what's informed her all these years about her "lost" manuscript and  her Pulitzer prized novel. 

I studied her picture which appeared in The Guardian today. She's more attractive at 88 than she was at 35. Her Dutch boy bangs and rimmed glasses and red lipstick made her look hip. 

If this sequel ever is made into a movie who could give Atticus the depth Gregory Peck brought to the character? 

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Louise Plummer said...

I an suspicious about this. Why would she be okay with this now? She's always said she was a "one novel writer."

Surely, she knew about the novel all along.