Monday, February 23, 2015

Ask Her More

twitters went viral with the #askhermore campaign to encourage media interviewers to focus on the woman and not just on her dress.

I've been known to ask zinger questions. I'm not Barbara Walters but I don't pull any punches either.  If I were the interviewer, here's a few questions I would ask:

1) how did you prepare for your role

2) what has this role taught you about marginalized women or Alzhemeirs patients that you didn't know about before.

3) how do you balance family and work

4) what would you advise prospective actors

5) what do you consider your greatest achievement

6) what actors have you were role models for you and why?

What questions would you ask?

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Mercedes said...

I heard a great interview on NPR with Julianne Moore this morning. They talked a lot about #2. Quite excellent.