Saturday, December 13, 2014

Brunch Babes

"Let's look silly," I say just before a male restaurant patron turned photographer takes the picture. We tried not posing - mostly.  As I look at the picture now hours after our brunch, I'm thinking we might need to practise silly. I mean honestly, whatever happened to girls gone wild?

We don't want to be our mothers who complain and try our patience and forget to say thank you. We need to step up our game ladies. Create more laughter. Do something outrageous. Shed our conservatism. Let the girl soar.

I'm the one wearing the hat. A cheap Target straw hat that makes me feel sassy and stylish. It's the middle of winter. A toque might be more appropriate. A toque messes up your hair. You look more like a snowman than a babe when you wear one. Bring on the cheap Target hats.

Bring on 2015 and sass and silly. We're old a long time.


Anonymous said...

thanks bonnie, Really enjoyed this post . I always tell my self stop being so up tight .

Louise Plummer said...

I think you all look like soaring babes.