Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day circa 1960

Going to Purdy's the other day, I noticed their boxes of Sweet Georgia Browns wrapped in pink foil with embossed hearts. A black garter gave it a little sass.  I bought one for Bob (maybe he'll share). We don't typically celebrate Valentines in any special way although this year we are going to a play.

Later in the grocery store,  the excessive amount of Made In China trinkets for your Valentine attracts my attention. Underwear with hearts, stuffed animals holding a heart, pink and red treat bags, candles in, you guessed it, a heart shape, muffin and cake tins and on and on. All this hoo-ha would make you think the whole world were on fire with passion and love. For me it was a  big turn off.

In elementary school, one of our art projects was to decorate a brown paper bag or shoe box for our Valentines. This was a time before the teacher sent home a class list to make sure everyone got a Valentine. No sir-ee. We let our classmates know exactly where they stood. Bulging bags amid thin or even empty bags were a sign of your popularity. I think now how Cheryl Davies must have felt each year with her empty or thin bag.

I didn't care about that very much in 1960.

Happy Valentine's to you.

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