Tuesday, February 24, 2015


There's no turning back now. This little girl has mastered sitting up on her own. In a few days, she can add crawling to her repertoire. While this didn't make today's headline news, it was celebrated and noticed by a very enthusiastic crowd.

When I look at this picture, I am reminded of her mother. I had no idea when she was that age the places she'd go nor her many accomplishments. Maybe that's a good thing. There's already so much pressure on young parents to "get it right".

I don't feel that angst as a grandmother. I see my role more as a cheerleader and confidante.

What traces of me and my mother and her mother are found in this little girl?

I want to know the memories you have of your grandmother and the influence she had on you.


Mercedes said...

Grandma T: Taught me by example how scripture and prayer are a refuge, generosity, industry.

Grandma W: Taught by example to always learn, not to be afraid of technology.

Louise Plummer said...

This is turning out to be a difficult question. One was kind to a fault.

The other one set her alarm clock for 9 a.m.

I think I know where I belong.

LiNds said...

Gran- taught me hard work gets you far.

Gram- taught me to be loving and kind.

LiNds said...

Gran -taught me that hard work gets you far in life.

Gram -taught me to be loving and kind.