Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Going to Harvard This Summer Taught Me

1) Where ever you go, there are new friends.
2) Whole Foods is NOT the place to buy groceries every week.
3) Yogurtland on the way home is better than Yogurtland on the way to school.
4) Harvard Square is a vacation destination. Thousands clutching their cameras come each day. Who knew?
5) Those coloured (red, green, yellow) chino pants, collared button down shirts and boat shoes ARE the Harvard male look.
6) While literary criticism can be a wrecking ball on neat paradigms, it also makes spaces for increased faith.
7) Only the service people - firemen, policemen, cab drivers etc speak like John F. Kennedy. Everyone else is from somewhere else.
8) I'm not a shark but I can swim with them.
9) There's a distinct homeless culture with its cardboard signs.
10) What I know could be crammed into a thimble compared to what there is to learn.


Rose Allan said...

What a great experience! Are you going back next summer? I especially agree with your last statement, about how very much there is to learn. My dad spent his last years studying books about the human genome and always had something interesting to tell us about what he had learned. My mom, still living at 85, reads about, studies and regularly writes/comments about politics and current issues such as the health care system, the environment, and so on, and actively encourages her care givers that drop in twice daily to assist her, to get interested, involved, and to vote. We can all learn so much from others and from what is available to us in courses, at libraries, and everywhere.

Tom Plummer said...

I miss those days. Harvard Yard and Harvard Square were the center of my universe once. I'm so glad it was a rich experience for you.