Friday, August 28, 2015

Notes to My Older Self

Inspired by a recent post of my favourite blogger Ann Cannon, here's a list to my older self. I hope I remember to read and live it.  I'm reminding myself about a scene in  Still Alice where she made a  file on her computer to remind her of things but couldn't once dementia ate that part of her brain.

Dear Older Self:
Please take a shower regularly which might mean every day given your old skin smell and please use deodorant and talc powder for your lady parts. While your nose might have lost all olfactory ability, everyone else's works just fine.

Dear Older Self:
If you decide to go without a bra, please buy a thick camisole so your nipples which are larger than jelly beans don't show.  And if your bra is older than a year, it's time for a new one.

Dear Older Self:
Tweeze those whiskers on your upper lip and straggly hairs on your cheeks. On second thought, don't forget your eyebrows too. Maybe you can't see these but trust me, others can. There are wonderful salons who can take care of all this for you.

Dear Older Self:
Invite people over for dinner. Prepare something that takes more than an hour to cook once in a while. You might have to eat it for a few days but it will be delicious. Microwaves don't make a good chef.

Dear Older Self:
Keep up with the news and trends and pop culture. You don't have to like the music or the movie but at least you can discuss it with someone younger.

Dear Older Self:
Have patience with my impertinence when I wrote this. I had a few experiences with some older people recently which was such a turn off. I don't want those I love and enjoy wishing they could plug their noses.

With love,

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Bonnie White! I love this. Harvard was good for you! CH