Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Minimalist Wardrobe Capsules

There's a trend sparked by Un-fancy to cull your wardrobe down to 37 items, to have a "uniform" and to stop shopping. This resonated on many levels.I went through my wardrobe the other day trying to pare it down. Because I  love to shop, this is proving challenging.

Does it make me shallow and vain that I spend free time shopping?

When a friend wants to go shopping, I can't stop myself from helping her find things that would suit her body type, style and budget. When some women walk into a department store, they freeze or feel overwhelmed. I see potential. The hunter gatherer is in my DNA and I won't be denied the quarry.

Though I don't spend a lot of time watching What Not to Wear, I do agree that clothes should make you feel beautiful and happy. Whatever your price point and how you feel about your body.

Yup. Shallow and vain.


Mercedes said...

alberta and I are right with you mamma!

Anonymous said...

From CM:
Neither shallow, nor vain imho. You have a mind that sees potential, a heart that wants to help, and an eye for beauty.

The enjoyment of shopping seems to get beaten out of women as hormones drop and our typical lifestyle choices, gravity etc now suddenly equal added pounds, yielding changes in shape and unfamiliar rolls.
It is disheartening to pick out things that have always worked, try them on and look in the mirror at this lumpy version of our former selves.

Trying to wend ones way through to find age appropriate, affordable, fashionable choices that don't add up to all black or require an abiding adoration of hibiscus is daunting.

Lately I've taken to taking a photo and texting my girls "cute? or brute?" because things I've always known to work, simply do not work with this new size, and I've ended up either returning many failed forays into other styles, or worse, not returning them on time and forfeiting the money spent. I have lost confidence in my choices, and shopping ( which I used to enjoy) is absolute drudgery.

Perhaps capsule dressing is a way to just be done with it, to have an efficient, workable wardrobe that allows those of us who are no longer our familiar selves to avoid the crushing experience of having to venture into the malls and shops to be reminded of it.

I've never believed in formula or capsule dressing. It has always felt too efficient and predictable to me. I wanted to dress for my mood or the occasion, and the capsule idea felt limiting. Plus I loved shopping, the colour, innovation, presentation, variety- eye candy!

That said, it's hard not to notice that the capsule crowd looks pulled together and cute. All.The.Time. And I expect that they are happy not having to think so hard about what works or doesn't.

Reading your post today, I just want you to take me shopping! Since I'm confident that will be a fairly universal response, I'll add "Pick me! Pick me!"

Louise Plummer said...

Does that minmalist wardrobe include shoes? You can't have too many shoes.